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Name of good Taste – Al Amal

Let your favorite ice cream make you feel all blessed with fun and happiness. It’s another great reason to smile. Just explore the kid in all of us, no matter what age you are. Perfectly delicious!

Al Amal – A different kind of company which a keep working in providing you a different kind of ice cream

Satisfy your taste bud with the
best ice cream.

National Supreme Co. For Ice Cream Products

45 years ago Shaikh Ali Al Haydari started a small workshop for his production of water ice and ice cream in Al Kandara district of old Jeddah city in an area not exceeding 300 m2 . Few no. of products were introduced but since then AL Amal Ice Cream Factory ( our old name ) was on steady march of growth and progress. The area increased to 5000 m2 by moving to AL Samer district, new products were introduced , new advanced machines were purchased from the leaders of ice cream machinery makers in Europe. Nevertheless, the continuing progress and the growing demand by the public on our products which made the difficult formula possible by giving very high quality with the most competitive price , the fact which lead to customers targeting our products in any place they appeared all around our beloved country , Saudi Arabia .

Since our reputation grow thanks to God then to our loyal customers and our hard working team , every success lead to another and due to the very high demand we started the construction of our new plant in the 2nd industrial city in Jeddah covering 22500 m2.

In our new facility we are taking care of all the details to come out with a state of the art ice cream factory in order to continue satisfy the demands of our customers of all ages.

This is our promise to our customers to stay as they are accustomed to see us very careful in selecting our raw materials from the most trustful sources all around the world and to use the most hygienic and advanced machines in order to serve the most healthy , nutritious and tasty products .